And The Street Walks In is written by Anna Evans.


I am writing a book on the places in Jean Rhys’s fiction, and this blog is intended as a companion piece to that work. The idea, simply put, it to visit all the streets and locations mentioned in her novels, as a basis for creating a piece of narrative non-fiction. My starting point is an ongoing fascination with Jean Rhys’s city novels, published in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I am interested in the connections between writing, place and memory, and in bringing this together with my interests in migration and literature, cities and movement.

It is (not) just an excuse to walk around Paris.

I completed an MA in ‘Writing the Modern World’ at the University of East Anglia in 2017, and presented a paper on Jean Rhys and ‘impasse’ at a postgraduate conference, ‘Movement In/And/Of the City’, at the University of Kent in June 2017. I am a writer of fragments, stories, essays, non-fiction and occasional poetry. Some of my recent writing has appeared online in Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.

The illustration is by Shirley Hughes and appears in her autobiography, A Life DrawingRecollections of an Illustrator, published by Penguin Books.